Why we hate EURO Football Championship, TV and colour green

Today’s post will be divided into two parts – our travel story as usual and thoughts about so popular subject in last weeks – soccer. Unfortunately, we cannot stay oblivious to the international European craze that consumes minds of almost all people. It affects us more than we would want. If you want to read just the ranting, go to the bottom of the page. Before, first things first – let’s ride!

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Like a boomerang or a yoyo…

Remember what I’ve said about seeing what Miss Fortune had for us? Well, apparently she didn’t want us to get bored. On one hand we had some unexpected adventures, on the other – we made new friends. We left back to Germany to continue earning money for our Big Dream. India. We really need to focus on that, especially that we drifted away a bit.

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3 days!

So, let’s start where we left off. We got the amplifier for our performances.We were stuck in Cologne for a week with only a possibility to make soap bubbles. Don’t get me wrong, we like them, but not when we are forced to work this way.
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