Don’t get fooled!

We are street artists. Buskers, some may say. Or vagabonds, just pick one. We travel in search of good cities to work in, good weather and, of course, for travelling sake. We aren’t the only ones. There are many, many other people who chose similar way – travel, play on the street and lead a different life. It’s obvious we would encounter them sooner or later. Today’s post is not about travel but more about what adventures we have when we encounter other representatives of our noble profession. Are they enjoyable? Read for yourself!

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Why we hate EURO Football Championship, TV and colour green

Today’s post will be divided into two parts – our travel story as usual and thoughts about so popular subject in last weeks – soccer. Unfortunately, we cannot stay oblivious to the international European craze that consumes minds of almost all people. It affects us more than we would want. If you want to read just the ranting, go to the bottom of the page. Before, first things first – let’s ride!

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Travelling with animals

It is not a hard thing to have your pet with you all the time when you’re travelling if such life is for them a usual thing. A puppy, a kitten or any other kind of animal can adapt to always changing surroundings and continue their life like this. Of course, it is possible to start training your pet when they’re older, but mostly it brings a lot of stress for both sides.

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