Making lemonade in Portugal

We left Nantes ready for new adventures on our way to Portugal. But we didn’t expect our beloved motorcycle to fail us like this; not only we had to change the bearing that broke on Saturday in the afternoon, but also because of that we were stuck in Porto, waiting for Monday and for Gaia to get fixed. Well, you know what they say: if life gives you lemons… Was it a good or a bad thing? Just read and see for yourself!

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4500km South West – Portugal (part 2) and the Ferry

When we were in Lisbon we’ve sent a lot of Couch requests to Evora, Albufeira, Faro and some other places, to yet again let the fate decide where to go, as long as it was in the direction of South. ^^ Continue reading “4500km South West – Portugal (part 2) and the Ferry”

4500km South West – Portugal (Part 1)

Portugal, Portugal… Wow. This was really something. Actually, so much happened in this country that it took us a while to motivate ourselves and create the post. The road to Porto was incredible. Porto was incredible. Everything was incredible! Continue reading “4500km South West – Portugal (Part 1)”