Hen is in the house!

Last week was full of preparations for Niki’s sister’s bachelorette party. It involved a lot of baking and completing a proper outfit. The main clothing was here an awesome coat, full of crosses and skulls – Niki was about to become a pyro-necromancer for one night! Unfortunately there are no photos of her, because she was the only one with the camera…

Baking started early in the morning. Still in her bathrobe, brave Niki started to make a shortbread for a magnificent tart.


Nick was supposed to stay in a corner, not getting in her way and helping if necessary.


Then the time has come for deer muffins’ dough!



After that some work went into making a creamy filling which was later on decorated with fresh blueberries, om nom nom. :)



In the end the deer were created. Right on time to get going! Deer army, follow me!





The whole evening was perfectly planned. The bride-to-be looked stunning and ready for everything. She was the true leader of the deer army.




We’ve had a lot of fun walking through the city. Reactions of people were priceless.



Oh my, you can see me!
Oh my, you can see me!

The atmosphere at home was truly mysterious.


The plot was to free her fiancee from claws of a nasty dragon. We needed a lot of mana and HPs.


But with our deer army and some drinks before nothing could stop us!




There were many difficult tasks on the way…



…and the dragon was sharpening his teeth…



…but we managed to get through them all, we even defeated the dragon.


…just to find out that my sister’s fiancee talked to a wizard who imprisoned him and went out to drink in a pub. Well, what else where we supposed to do? Drink of course!




On the way my sister got a wonderful souvenir – an arrow that will always remind her of this night. ^^


After that we had to stay very close to Poland, as the wedding itself is scheduled two weeks after the bachelorette party. What is more, Nick’s grandmother got very ill and went to a hospital; she’s gonna need a nurse at home. We had four days to clean the house for her and the amount of junk was unbelievable… We made quite a few trips to a city dump with a car full of trash.

That’s why our departure got delayed and we have no more photos to show. Well, that and because we forgot to take the camera… Anyway, we visited Dresden for the weekend and on Monday we arrived in Berlin to stay with my cousin Julia. She took us in in a very short notice and it was a very nice visit; I got to meet her family for the very first time. :)

Will we make any shows here? Maybe, but rain is coming and we’re thinking about retrieving to Poland… But after this Saturday there’ll be nothing holding us anymore, we can just go and go and go further!! It’s tiring to be tied up to one place. South Germany and Switzerland are waiting. ^^

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