Chores, duties and…

Our weeks this time were and were not that fruitful in adventures. Maybe it’s for the better, we had at least a tiny bit time for ourselves. On the other hand, things can get boring pretty quick when you do nothing.

We had to come back to Poland for two days to go to the workshop in Łódź to have a new rack assembled. Travelling with plastic cases is maybe good for the weekend but certainly I wouldn’t like to go around the world with the stock equipment. As so, I’ve driven to the ugliest city in Poland. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad, the sun was shining and the main tram stop in the city centre looked just… Well. Charming.


In the meantime, we’ve had tons of strawberries. Om nom nom, this is the only thing in Poland we like coming back to. Seriously, we’ve never eaten better strawberries than here, they are simply amazing.


We went also to Berlin after everything was ready, but… Oh well. We had some rough time there, I tell you that. We decided to spend a bit time without each other. And so, I went to Konstanz from Poznań there and back, making 2200 km in two days and Niki stayed in our hometown.


The whole trip was rainy and I was soaked through most of the time but I proved myself one thing – I can drive a thousand kilometres with one shot on a motorcycle. 15 hours straight.


Fortunately, we made up and everything is back to normal, more or less. I hope such situations won’t happen again. That’s also a reason for no entry last week. Neither of us felt like typing and creating a post. But all’s well that ends well.



During the extended time here we managed to deal with almost all bureaucracy with Gaia – registration papers, insurance and we managed to pick up our brand new, shiny passports! Hooray! And so, we are on the road again, tomorrow we leave to Germany and we shall see what Miss Fortune will bring us. Dismissed. :)


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