It’s raining… man! Not again!

Our pursuit of the Sun brought us to Cologne. What is more, we seemed to be the only visitors there. Düsseldorf was not inviting either and so we decided to move East earlier than initially planned. With a small hiccup in Dresden we arrived in Poland to run some errands that will bring us closer to India.

Winterthur is such a great location. It’s almost exactly in between Zürich and Konstanz, so we decided to try shows in the latter this time. There was also another reason for choosing this city for the evening – we had an eye on these really awesome trousers for Nick. As we reached the shop, it turned out that there is only one pair left and we were afraid they were too big. But after trying them on, well… Nick was over the moon to have them! The only thing left for the night was to hope that our Fire will entertain people. We were not disappointed – the audience was great and responsive, giving us the strength to give 103% during the show. :) What is more, just when we finished our second performance accompanied by a really strong wind, it has started raining. That’s what we call a good timing!


The next day was the day of sun and lake. We went there with our host Anna and her boyfriend, whose name we don’t remember (oops). It was lovely, warm and relaxing.



We like to avoid meat as much as we can, so choosing stuff to prepare over a fireplace was a bit challenging. We took bananas and apples, they were truly delicious roasted like this. Anna shared with us some bread and cheese (mmmm, melty…). I hope next time we’ll get to try cheese fondue!


Water was still a bit too cold to swim, but warm enough to dunk our feet and play.


That day we didn’t work, as there was no people anywhere in Zürich. They must really love their lazy Sundays…

On Monday we left to Cologne, after finding out that the weather is going to get worse. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t all that great in Cologne either, but we still managed to make one show. We stayed at a camping place for two nights.


Tuesday wasn’t a day for me. I was in a Blanket Mood and making me go out would only result in a sad face.


Nick was really determined to train though. And he really likes that tree.


After trying to explain to Nick that I cannot lay in a hammock there, as I can hear bees buzzing from the ground (there WAS a hive there underground, I swear!), I moved with my book to a not so comfortable bench. He called me paranoid. (She IS paranoid – Nick)


On Wednesday we wanted to work in Düsseldorf, first with bubbles, then with Fire. It didn’t go very well though, the city seemed quite empty. Bubbles compensated our journey and lunch (om nom nom, the most amazing fries with onion ever!), but that’s it. Waiting and hoping for Fire Shows, we went to the Nordpark. It was divided into different sections, such as English Garden or Japanese Garden. Green places like that should be everywhere! And fountains! XD


And flowers!

And trees!


We chose the Japanese Garden for our picnic place.

We spent time there munching on apples.


It was lovely right until the moment when some loud and fat boys came to disturb the peace of this place and clearness of water. Disgusted and annoyed, we decided to leave. On our way back we encountered preparations for some sort of a fun fair. We’ve never seen it being set up before.

But wait… what is the firetruck doing there? XD


Never mind…


It was time to get ready for Fire. It was warm and cloudy, so definitely a weather for sitting outside. We took the car to the underground parking lot, I did make-up, Nick prepared the equipment. With everything ready we walked towards the exit, when this nice smell hit us. This weird, fresh smell, so familiar, but still we couldn’t name it… It was… oh, right. RAIN. Our jaws dropped instantly. Sh…eibenkleister. Quick decision – Cologne again.

In Cologne there was still not too many people. We also had one rather upsetting situation while doing the show. There was this guy, a magician, who started doing tricks for people in a restaurant garden for which we were performing, just at the beginning of our show. Nick approached him and asked him to leave as it was rude and come on, there is an unspoken code between street artists. First at the place gets the spot, that’s it. But the guy didn’t want to leave. Luckily for us the waiter saved us, telling the magician to go, as we were there first and there can be just one performance at a time. Phew!

After a show we started a conversation with the waiter, asking him where all the people are. Normally Cologne was crowded at this time of the year. He explained it easily, we just forgot about it – it was all because of New Year’s Cologne riots and rapes. Tourists are just scared to come here. He said they have a 40% decrease of clients every day.

It was very sad to hear that, because it means that we have to leave this lovely city for now. Maybe summer will be better, we definitely hope so! We really want Cologne to prosper again.

On Friday we drove to Dresden. Dark clouds were chasing us, attacking with rain drops from time to time. It was way too cold to work.


We stayed with our friend Clemens, playing games and reading books.


On Sunday it was time to come to Poland. After all, we have so many things to do for our India Dream – passports, glasses, car, doctors, etc. There’s no rest for us poor souls! ;)

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