A thousand and one kilometres

Sometimes nothing happens during the whole week. When we travel, though, adventures, events, surprises and unexpected events rain on us like a downpour. So, off we go! Our thousand and one kilometres week, from Konstanz to Tarragona through Montpellier and Barcelona. Hooray!

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Chasing the Sun

As the weather played a nasty joke on us, we’ve decided to move further to the South. On Friday we arrived in Zurich, lured by the beautiful and warm weather forecast, welcomed by rain and our good old friend Rene. We hoped to have at least 3 or 4 days of sun before hitting the road further. We ended up in Konstanz sooner than we thought though! ;)

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Hey ho, let’s go!

Finally! After 29 days on the continent, 21 of which we were in Poland, we set our sail, packed the car and left to start new season. This year, however, is different as we have a very clear aim – India. We have to focus and save up enough to fly there and enjoy Asia for at least three months. The first destination – Dresden. Our weekend city – Zurich. :)

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