Happy Easter!


Dear Readers, boys and girls. As today is Easter day and it’s a very important holiday for so many of you, we would like to wish you all the best, dreams come true and no indigestion after Easter breakfast. Also we would like to wish you peace of mind, endless travels if you are a vagabond like us or a cup of hot chocolate under a nice warm blanket if you are not. :)

Even people who wander endlessly sometimes like to stop and feel at home. We are no exception and so we decided to spend Easter in Berlin wit Niki’s Mum and her husband.And so, here we are, Niki’s taking a nap, me writing a bonus post with wishes and all people around us are full, sleepy and content.


It’s hard to believe that just a few hours ago we were frantically preparing last dishes and everything was chaos. Niki was setting the table, I was trying to create a hot dish, Niki’s Mum… Oh for gods’ sake, Marzena was dealing with salads and Martin (the husband) was brewing beverages with his secret wizard knowledge. Everyone was busy, of course there were some small glitches and arguments but all in all, everything went smoothly. We got some guests and here we were, eating, laughing, telling jokes and generally we were enjoying the moment.


The breakfast was delicious, of course, everyone tried so hard to make it tasty for last two days at least. There were also cupcakes and muffins, to name a few, Easter butter lamb, eggs and so much more!


After a while the bottle of Schnapps appeared so some of the party were more than delighted to see it.


Jazz, Marzena’s cat was also trying to get his slice of cake but apparently nobody allowed him to eat eggs and salads. And Niki wouldn’t be herself if she wouldn’t take dozens of cat photos. ^^

Oh, I forgot to mention that everything was vegetarian which made us extra fond, especially that in pagan times Easter was a celebration of Life so meat is kinda not proper here anyway.


All in all, it’s a good day and so I wish such moments to everyone. Enjoy yourself, stop for a minute and let yourself think a bit. And no, not about Jesus and all this religious stuff. Think about Life, spring, happiness and just being with people you appreciate, who appreciate you and with whom you feel happy. Happy Easter, everyone! :)


And you? How do you spend Easter? Let us know what it looks like in your country! :)

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