Trainings and farewells

Training, blenders, bridge and motorcycles. This is what the whole last week was all about. New figures absorbed us completely, regaining strength was our top priority, we got a nice surprise gift, Couch Surfing guests from Russia played bridge with us excessively and we focused really a lot on selling our beloved Eeve.

After the wonderful adventure with Canarian hospitals we found ourselves really off our routine and coming back to it was a nightmare. Niki was very weak quite some time and she needed recovery. Fortunately, with time everything went back to normal and we were able to slowly regain strength, stamina and patience. And I tell you, folks, we needed it badly.

We can divide today’s post into two little adventures and two big ones. Let’s start small then. During our struggle with selling the motorcycle we encountered the Facebook Page dealing with all the flea market stuff, you know, buy/sell, second hand or anything else. When we were scrolling through offers, curious what people had to sell, we encountered an ad that a guy was giving away a blender. For free! The only drawback was it was leaking and the seal needed replacement. Still, what is it for us, Polish people? Nothing! So we contacted the person and took the equipment thinking that even if we won’t be able to fix it we will just dispose of it as electronic garbage.


When we got home, I had to quickly learn how blenders work and with the small help of Google and Youtube tutorials the blender was fixed. So, we had to test it immediately!


After few trials and errors (and several dozens of curses in at least three languages) the first smoothie was made and it was delicious, on our travel we almost forgot how wonderful it is to have a blender and prepare all these tasty things – smoothies, soups and pesto! Om nom nom.


Also we had a visit from Russian Couch Surfers whom we have hosted before. They were keen to meet us again and we gladly accepted them as they also were willing to play bridge with us. And so, we played bridge for hours and we finally had someone to take pictures during our training. ;)


And so, two little adventures lit up our life here. Time to get serious and talk about bigger stuff. Firstly, we got back to our training and so we started extracting more and more difficult moves. Finally we are able to do the Dirty Dancing lift with Fire fans and the move is secure enough to implement it into our shows. It’s amazing what Niki looks like up in the air with grace and a huge smile on her face.


Of course that’s not the only thing we do during training. We prepare choreography, strengthen our muscles, make various figures and act silly all the time. Even better, this is something we actually call WORK and a JOB. XD So, here’s a small gallery for you to see what we do and what we want to implement somehow in our performances:

Last but not least, a bit different note. A blue one, I must admit. After half a year we finally sold our beloved motorcycle – Eevee. We have been trying to do it since the beginning of February and, with the date of our further trip inevitably coming closer, it was really stressing us. Moreover, she needed regulations, parts replacement and quite some work to be done there. What was definitely an enormous setback (and the harsh lesson) – the VIN of the motorcycle (Vehicle Identification Number), which is unique for every vehicle in the world younger than 30 years, cannot be legally changed anywhere in Europe… but in Poland. It turned out that we would not be able to register the bike on Tenerife. A potential new owner could also get in trouble with that so we had the only choice of reducing the price and selling it for spare parts.


A lot of people tried to help us, for example Niki’s Mum’s friend who also lives on Tenerife. Even though we ended up selling her to someone else, he was enormous help with his knowledge, contacts and FB groups. We are really grateful for all the information we got from him.

Fortunately, we found a buyer who was willing to help us out. Unfortunately, instead of getting 800EUR we got… 300EUR. Oh well, the bigger loss was not money. It was Eevee herself, brave bike who carried us all the way from Poland. The day has come and I felt really blue. Even though we knew that it had to be done and the motorcycle slowed us down we couldn’t shake off the sadness that a part of us was going away.



Thank you, Eevee, for everything! We will miss you!


P.S. Luckily the guy who bought our bike said that he wants to use her and even register her on Tenerife. He wanted to do it by buying a different frame with valid VIN and transferring parts from her, therefore giving her a new life. We are really grateful for that!

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