4500 km South West – Poland, Germany & Switzerland

Oh, it’s been a while. Well, a lot of things were happening. We left Poland on 5th October. What happened in Poland we will just summarise in one phrase – don’t ask. We also don’t want to remember it.

Anyway, be prepared, here’s the loooong post.


We left Poland on the last, instead of the first warm day. More, we departed in the evening. So, we were driving to Berlin in 10 degrees Celcius and we had no proper winter gear. We thought we will be driving in totally different temperatures… Anyway, after a nightmare trip through Poland and part of Germany we could thaw a bit in Niki’s Mum’s place in Berlin where we stayed for two nights. After that we headed to Leipzig to Manu and Hennie’s home. Both places we described previously and we had no adventures really worth mentioning. We were just surviving, trying not to freeze and get to warm places as fast as possible.

After those we headed to Zurich but since it’s over 600 km away and it was definitely beyond our reach on a motorcycle in one day we had a mid stop in Wuerzburg. We worked there a bit with bubbles, as Germany was already too cold for Fire Shows and we met a really nice guy, Sammy. He lives in a really nice, alternative community building with super backyard and very positive vibe. He was so nice he gave us his own bed and we slept like kings! :)

After Wuerzburg we visited our friend, Tony, again in Zurich. The weather wasn’t very welcoming and after one day of work we decided to stay home and get warmer. And play Heroes of Might and Magic III on a big screen!

We also went to an Irish pub for a pub quiz and found a perfect place for Nick to be in. XD

After couple of days we were ready to go further. The trip to Geneva appeared to be one of the most difficult we’ve had so far. Even though we were wrapped in newspapers and had few layers of clothes, it was still bloody freezing. 6 degrees Celcius!! We couldn’t take local roads, we had to go through a highway, as it was faster. We had to stop every 30km, that’s how unbearable the cold was. Fortunately, we had money for tea during our short stops and nobody bothered us for not having a Swiss vignette.

In the evening we finally arrived in Geneva! Our first host, Noah, was really nice, however he couldn’t host us for more than one night. Luckily, thanks to making our trip public on CouchSurfing, a guy named Alex invited us over. As we still had some time to get there and the weather sucked, we went for a trip to France. ;D And we were acting silly, as always.

Finally, we ended up in Alex’s place. We’ve never met a bigger Star Wars fan than him! Posters, stickers, gadgets… Even the fridge was firmly guarded by R2D2, who beeped every time you opened it. :D Nick spent some creative time in the kitchen, preparing delicious meals for us all. :)

Moreover, Alex had a lot of books and a great place for reading. Nick was enjoying his “Three Musketeers” (Alexander Dumas) and I was devouring “20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” (Jules Verne).

His entire house had so much colour, so much life, so much warmth and light that it was really hard for us to leave. Alex was also a great company, he had so many stories to tell. We spent a lot of time in front of a fire place, smoking joints and just talking. We became friends very quickly and I’m sure we’ll see each other again. ^^

Of course,, there was also some time for fooling around! ;D

After these few days we were completely ready to face France! Woo hoo!

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