Hasta la fiesta! Phantasialand!

This post would be here loooong ago but a nasty imp ate the ink of my screen and left the whole page blank. Three times. I swear! :P

Anyway, Niki’s b-day, it was a special thing! We decided to visit Phantasialand, the amusement park located in Bruehl, next to Cologne. We’ve already done it last year but Niki loved it so much she wanted to give it another go. Also they have a cool discount – no matter how old are you, if it’s your b-day, you enter for free. ;)


So, here we were, anxious to start fun. We decided to visit attractions we haven’t seen before first and so we had a walk in Veruckt Hotel Tartuff where everything was at least crazy or Mausse au Chocolate, an interactive ride where you wear 3D glassess and shoot mice with chocolate. In a candyshop. We laughed our heads off. ;) Oh, and we’ve seen the 4D movie with Leslie Nielsen. ^^


During the day, somewhere in the middle, we decided to visit water rides. Even though it was a pleasant day, it wasn’t hot so it turned out to be not the best idea in the world – we were soaked in no time. Fortunately, we drove to Phantasialand with our car in which we had all our stuff – clothes, sockes, etc. We went out, changed, collected forgotten muffins and went back to have more fun. ;)


The day passed and in the evening we were so exhausted we could barely move. Adrenaline, screaming, fun and people were too much. Oh, funny thing is that we decided to take more money with us to eat something in the park, for the first time, because we remembered how tasty everything looked and smelled last year. However… Once we decided we could afford that we realised it doesn’t look so delicious, it’s overpriced and the queues were almost as big as to the rides. O_o So we took a rain check. And actually going on some rides with full stomach is a baaaaaaad idea. :)


After all these things we were too tired to prepare b-day cake so we extended Niki’s birthday to the next day and we baked a it the following day. It was a Maltesers Chocolate Coffee Cake and it was disusgtingly delicious! Why? It was so sweet that after eating one piece you couldn’t eat another bite!
But we managed to eat it whole and Niki even blew some candles of it. ;)


Anyway, we stayed at a lovely person’s house in Cologne. Her name’s Heike and she hosted us for a week, especially that the weather sucked bad during this period. Oh well, we managed to do other interesting things – I started to learn guitar and Niki played the piano whole day.


We also met Dorian, the Canadian guy living there who spent time with us talking, playing banjo and singing songs about sandwiches. XD

All in all, the time in Koeln wasn’t the best in terms of work (weather) but it was definitely long needed rest for us. We loved it and we will cherish these moments in our hearts. ;)


P.S. The next post will bring a new character to our stories. Stay tuned! :)

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