Sparrows and bees

It was about time for my Mum to come back to Berlin, as Jazz clearly started to be sick of us. Although he must have enjoyed sitting on my head in the morning and going for a smoke to the courtyard with Nick, I’m sure he’s happy to purrrrr in more familiar arms.


We stayed for a few days more, enjoying the weather and coffee at Coffee Mamas. And cheesecake…. Mmmm, the best one I’ve ever had, I mean it, even sparrows were lining up to get some. See for yourself.


We also visited Martin’s and my Mum’s friend Elke in her little green summer house in the middle of Berlin. She’s a beekeeper. Nick, charming as he is, got from her a jar of honey for us and a jar of pickles. His impatience and glutony didn’t let him wait too long to try it.


We had a really nice time at Elke’s place. It was so nice we decided not to work, lazy bums… ;D Sitting there, in great company, surrounded by leaves, grapes and some other fruit, filled us with some new energy for the upcoming week. Afterall, my birthday was coming…

I happen to be to small even for selfies. xD


And then back to working hard, the motorcyckle is waiting to be bought!!!


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