Meet Eeve!

Finally. Finally. FINALLY! :) Ladies and gentlemen, after over a year we finally bought a motorcycle! For gentlemen – It’s Suzuki GSX750F ‘94. For ladies – well, ladies, it’s a motorcycle. XD Continue reading “Meet Eeve!”


Hasta la fiesta! Phantasialand!

This post would be here loooong ago but a nasty imp ate the ink of my screen and left the whole page blank. Three times. I swear! :P

Anyway, Niki’s b-day, it was a special thing! Continue reading “Hasta la fiesta! Phantasialand!”

Sparrows and bees

It was about time for my Mum to come back to Berlin, as Jazz clearly started to be sick of us. Although he must have enjoyed sitting on my head in the morning and going for a smoke to the courtyard with Nick, I’m sure he’s happy to purrrrr in more familiar arms.
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