Catsitting in Berlin

After having a really fruitful evening of fire shows in Erfurt on Friday, we decided not to set up our tent in a nice, moist weather, but to go straight to Berlin. Light hearted, as thanks to this great night we were able to pay our most important debt, we arrived at my Mum’s place after 3am. Until Friday we are going to babysit this fluffy creature.
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Okay, okay. Time to write something here. I’ve noticed that the more you put it off, the more you will have to put in later so bah. Here goes.
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Zürich, Konstanz

On Monday we arrived in Zürich and stayed at our friend’s place. Of course we did some food shopping in Konstanz, because it’s way too expensive in Switzerland and we didn’t have any franks at the time. Tuesday and Wednesday were really lazy for us… Well, for me – Nick did some training. I was in a completely immobile state, my life revolved around a nice blanket, lasagne, hot chocolate and Nutella. Thank gods I had my comfort socks xD
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